Machine Companies We Represent

Fuchu Shiko Co., Ltd.

We are extremely pleased and honored to be able to introduce ourselves to you as the North American machinery distributor for Japan based Fuchu Shiko Company, Ltd.

Fuchu Shiko was founded in Hiroshima in 1960 by Mamoru Miyake as a rigid box manufacturer. Today, the company remains in the hands of the Miyake family and is run by Mamoru’s grandson, Yoichiro.

Fuchu Shiko is among Japan’s premier rigid box makers and design and produce world class machinery for the various markets they serve. Their box making facilities provide a laboratory for the continuous improvement and refinement of their machinery and naturally benefit from having access to their latest technology. Fuchu Shiko assembles machinery in both Hiroshima and Shanghai, China. They manufacture or purchase all essential components and parts used in the production of their machinery in Japan. Fuchu Shiko has proudly furnished in excess of 90% of the rigid box machinery being used in Japan, has a major presence in Korea, China, and India, is now active in North America, with Europe soon to follow.

Fuchu Shiko’s strength as a machine builder lies in finding innovative, no nonsense solutions to the challenge of effectively automating the manufacture of the rigid box. Their machinery is designed to perform very efficiently and very accurately for both short and long runs. It is easy to operate, easy to maintain, service and parts are readily available, and it is engineered to produce exceptional results on your standard mix of rigid boxes. Yeah, but what about the price you say?  Our machinery is priced aggressively and we’re pretty sure you’ll like the numbers. Once you’ve seen it for yourself, we think you’ll understand why we believe this is hands-down the best value for new automatic rigid box machinery available to the North American market today. We look forward to talking with you soon.

Zechini Gra-For

We are extremely pleased and honored to be able to introduce ourselves as the North American distributor for Italian based Zechini Gra-For’s luxury packaging line of machinery.

Founded in 1952, Zechini delivers world class book binding and paper converting machinery to markets around the globe. Their strength as a machine builder lies in their sensitivity to the needs of the market place and their ability to find innovative, no nonsense solutions to satisfy those needs.

As you know, the struggle to differentiate the finest consumer products from one another is driving the escalation of worldwide demand for luxury packaging. Some time ago, anticipating this demand, the Zechinis began to focus their considerable resources and creativity on the development of machinery that integrates the manufacture of the case wrapped book cover and the rigid box. Taking these steps led them to find an array of simple, cost effective automation solutions that are unique in the packaging market place. We believe these are things you’ll want to know about. We look forward to connecting with you so we can tell you all about it.