The Old Dominion Team

Charles Payne
Old Dominion Machinery Company
Machinery Restoration Manager

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Mobile Phone: (434) 363-2469

Charles joined Old Dominion Box Company way back in 1982. He was, and is, what we all know as a "natural" at working with both people and machinery. He took to it like the proverbial "duck to water" and spent many years as lead mechanic in Old Dominion's Lynchburg set-up operations. Over the years, Charles has worked extensively in manufacturing, machinery restoration, and field service in the rigid box, casemaking, folding carton, and mailing industries. He is quite literally a "jack of all trades" in the paper converting world. He cut his teeth on Crathern machinery and the wide assortment of equipment typically used to manufacture rigid boxes and case made products. He is skilled in the operation, maintenance, repair, and restoration of most of the brands you are familiar with. Charles leads our restoration department and is readily available for field service and operator training. Call him, he is always happy to hear from you and willing and able to offer his assistance.

Dick Dearborn
Old Dominion Machinery Company
Sales Engineer, Field & Technical Support
RSN Crathern Industries
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Mobile Phone: (603) 378-7778

Dick has over 40 years of experience in laminating and allied turned edge products. He is inarguably the world's leading authority on Crathern case making machinery. His many years in the business and slate of experiences have prepared him to be quite adept at finding ways to satisfy your special requests and help you overcome the challenges that you face. A relentless innovator, many product and process upgrades and improvements have been conceived, designed, and implemented by Dick. His bottom line: Finding ways to improve your speed and accuracy while lowering your waste to save you money. Dick understands the correlation between operator training and the performance of your machinery and has literally spent years cultivating the "know how" in machine operators needed to assure his customers success. Please contact him, he'll be happy to review your operations, offer an honest assessment, and discuss the array of new and used solutions we offer to drive improvements to your bottom line.
Kurt Franke
Old Dominion Machinery Company
Sales Engineer
Field & Technical Support Manager
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Mobile Phone: (434) 426-1984

With over 35 years in rigid box manufacturing and casemaking, Kurt has extensive management and service experience from both the production management, and machinery sides of the business and is happy to assist you with your business. He has worked with a wide array of machinery having been previously employed by both Crathern Machinery Group and Emmeci in field service and technical support. He has provided these services to companies throughout North America. Kurt will embrace your challenges as his own and has conceived of and implemented many innovative solutions and modifications to solve problems for our customers. Add to the mix his knowledge of the various raw materials you work with he's acquired over the years, and you have the combination of expertise and finesse required to profitably produce your most challenging products. Kurt has great people skills and can provide your people with the training they need to excel in their jobs and get the most out of your machinery. Call Kurt any time, he is happy to help you out over the phone, and if that doesn't get it, he is ready to head your way.

Mike Buhler
Old Dominion Machinery Company

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Mobile Phone: (434) 942-0244

Mike has worked in paperboard packaging since 1978. He has worked extensively in the fields of commercial printing, corrugated box manufacturing, rigid box manufacturing, folding carton manufacturing, machinery manufacturing and restoration, and machine parts manufacturing. Most of his time has been spent in sales, administration, production management, and general management. He most enjoys applying his creative gifts in finding unique, cost effective, solutions to the never-ending array of business problems facing his customers and friends. Mike is an ardent believer in a philosophy of fairness and continuous improvement and strives to embrace that approach in his business practices. He believes wholeheartedly that the rigid box (the "original" paper box) and case made products represent the finest forms of packaging available to the consumer today. He sees luxury packaging offering manufacturers of consumer products the ultimate opportunity to differentiate themselves from their competition and reap the rewards for doing so. Where else would you want to spend your time? Mike is "all in" and would like nothing more than to help you improve your company's experience and performance. Call him, he is ready, willing, and able to give you a hand.