Rigid Box Line

Fuchu Shiko’s strength as a machine builder lies in finding innovative, no-nonsense solutions to the challenge of effectively automating the manufacture of the rigid box. The KIIZS-A380A is a beautifully designed solution for production of small-to-medium sized luxury boxes. It is simple to set-up and operate, and performs very efficiently and accurately on both short and long runs. Easy to get around and quite accessible, it makes trouble-shooting and maintenance a piece of cake. This little work horse is extremely well made, and if cared for in accordance with manufacturer’s guidelines, it will serve you faithfully for a very long time. The KIIZS-A380A’s niches include jewelry, glasses, candy boxes, ravioli boxes, accessory boxes, cosmetics, and perfumes – any of which can be spruced up with a “V” notch for easy opening.

Technical Specs Why Choose KII Series?

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